Month: January 2014

Who Wants to be on Justin Bieber’s PR Team?

Even the most staunch Bieber fans seem to be getting exasperated with Bieber’s latest arrest. Drag racing a rented yellow Lamborghini while under the influence of drugs and alcohol would be bad for anyone’s reputation, but add the fact that Bieber is 19 with an even younger fan base and you have a crisis communications nightmare. I certainly do not envy his PR team, nor the PR team of any young star with a slew of offenses like this. Lindsey Lohan anyone?

A recent article posted by the NY Daily News interviews crisis communications expert Hunter Fredrick who offers some solid advice on what he would do in a situation like this. The tips are what you’d expect. Have a heart-to-heart with the partying star, get him settled into rehab, and have him show some serious humility once out of rehab.  It seems like every stars go-to-move is rehab when things start to involve repeated mugshots. It made me wonder, what else should high profile celebrities and their PR teams do in the event of a crisis? Paula Deen took to YouTube with a heartfelt apology after accusations of racism, should Beiber issue a similar apology? Who knows. Judging by his recent antics I have a feeling Beiber is confident enough in his fan base to skip the apology and maybe just do a quick rehab stint and call it a day.

All I know is that if I were his publicist I would sit him down and talk about just how much his career could be affected by these antics, and remind him of the pop stars of the past who never managed to rise above their scandals.


Walmart, One of the Good Guys

A few months ago Walmart landed itself in PRNewser for their corporate social responsibility efforts. Even Walmart, a store not often associated with charity, can do some good. The article talks about how Walmart is boosting their CSR and reputation with this crazy new strategy of actually helping people. Specifically using their size and rescources to provide aid for Hurricane Katrina victims.  As the Harvard Business Review explains it, “Don’t Spin a Better Story. Be a Better Company.”

Walmart and other massive conglomerates seem to have noticed that instead of relying on crisis communication to bail them out of sticky situations, maybe a proactive approach would be best. Why wait until one of your garnet factories in Myanmar goes up in flames before you make a desperate call to your PR department? Why not just be proactive and create a strong CSR mission for your company that your employees and shareholders can feel excited about? I gotta hand to the big boys some of the recent CSR initiatives have been pretty impressive. Forbes has compiled a pretty good list here.

Call me idealistic, call me silly, but my favorite companies are the ones that put CSR at the forefront of their business plan. Whether it’s Starbucks with their green coffee initiative, or Ben and Jerry’s helping the honey bees, I always like a company that makes a point to practice what they preach. To check out some companies that really put CSR first, check out this AdAge link here.

Do What You love

To be honest, I’m not much of a blogger. As a kid I always struggled keeping a diary and to this day I wish I had been more diligent. The few entries I have from my childhood are hilarious. But now as a senior about to graduate from the University of Oregon and leap wholeheartedly into the real world, I am definitely more diligent. And while I don’t know exactly where or what company I will be headed to upon graduation, I know what my passions are and where I hope to be.

I am creating this blog to discuss what I find most interesting and important within the field of public relations, while slipping a few of my outside interests into each post. Through writing this blog I hope to improve my writing and grammar, (I might even make a few nerdy AP Style posts), discuss some the most important trends I discover in public relations, and improve my social media skills. While this blog is for professional and classwork purposes, I’m also excited to showcase a bit of me.

As a native Oregonian who has spent 22 years living in three different cities in my beloved state, I would like to think I reflect everything that is best about the Pacific Northwest.  I care about nutrition and eating quality organic foods. Exercise doesn’t always happen in the gym, (although I’m there quite a bit), and I’m often hiking and swimming in anything that’s not a pool. I’m a bit snobby about my air. To me Central Oregon air is so crisp and delicious that air from other places is the equivalent of LA tap water. I care about recycling and I feel a twinge of guilt every time I have to throw something plastic into a trash. Oh and I love French Roast coffee and tea, all the tea.

Essentially I’m passionate about performing the best I can in work and in life. I laugh often, eat well, play outside, and always work towards my goals. My goal for this blog is that each post you read makes you smile at least once, nod if I ever make a good point, (I hope to), and learn something. If you’re a PR pro then hopefully you will learn a little more about me, and if you’re like me and just starting out in public relations, then maybe we can learn together.