Will the TV Shopping Experience Catch on?

Everyone has probably found themselves watching the Home Shopping Network at least once. You’re sitting there in a sickly stupor while your body works to fight off the flu and you can’t sleep. It’s 1 a.m. on a Monday. You’re not so awake that you can follow a story line, and all you can manage to watch is the ladies of HSN telling you all about the phenomenal attributes of some new cubic zirconia stud earrings. For many, that’s as far as TV shopping will go, but a company called Delivery Agent is hoping to change that and their most recent push was unveiled at this years Super Bowl.

H&M recently partnered with Delivery Agent to air a commercial during the Super Bowl where you could not only see their new David Beckham Bodywear Collection, but you could actually buy it using your remote. But as a recent Fast Company article explains, only viewers with Samsung Smart TV’s that were connected to the internet would be able to take advantage of this new television shopping, or t-commerce technology. Obviously this limits the group of people who might want to buy underwear off their TV while watching the Super Bowl to a much smaller number. And while the t-commerce technology is out there and ready, sweeping changes will need to be made in order for it to be adopted on a grand scale.

For starters, consumers would need to ditch their traditional TV in favor of a smart TV that is connected to the internet. And according to a report by TV Systems Intelligence Service published in 2013, 73 percent of consumers are not interested in switching to a smart TV.

Secondly, consumers would need to be motivated to make purchases in between episodes of their favorite shows. Motivation isn’t exactly easy to track and it might take some time for Delivery Agent to connect with consumers in that way.

I know that for me personally, I would not want to buy clothing off my television. For me half the fun of shopping is actually going shopping. I like to explore and peruse and try things on with friends. I have never liked buying clothing online because it’s tough to know how it will fit, or how much the color has been changed by a screen. Then again I am one of those people who has only found themselves on HSN when there is noting else on and my cough won’t let me sleep. Considering the fact that HSN and its sister network QVC earned 3 billion and 8.5 billion in revenue in 2012, I might be in the minority. Delivery Agent and H&M have the potential to make lucrative profits off David Beckham and his underwear if they expand beyond just the Samsung Smart TV.

But enough about me, what do you think of the Super Bowl ad? Would you be interested in purchasing clothing with the click of a remote?


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