Quora, for all of Your Burning Questions

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 8.18.03 PMIf you’re sick of turning to Wikipiedia and Yahoo Answers for your questions and curiosities, Quora is an interesting social media alternative. According to a recent article in the New York Times, Quora and the Search for Truth, the site had 1.15 million visitors in the month of December and is the 441st most visited site on the Internet. More than that, I’ve found the site has serious potential to further your professional online presence and it’s easier than creating a Facebook profile. Below I have listed the simple ways you can use Quora to your advantage and continue to establish a professional social media presence.

Step 1: Create a free Quora profile and select the topics you find interesting. Some of my 49 topics include writing, search engine marketing, journalism, breaking news and social media.

Step 2: Begin reading and upvoting interesting news stories and question threads in the topics of your choice. I’m relatively new to Quora but the more question threads I have begun to read and comment on the more I am learning. There are several public relations professionals that are active on Quora and who I believe have offered some insightful answers to questions I’ve read.

Step 3: Participate. If you see a question about a professional field of interest, do not hesitate to participate and add your commentary. Quora users who often post interesting questions and offer thoughful answers get the most followers. The more you participate and show a curiosity about your field and offer useful information when can, the more you will be noticed. It’s that easy.

Quora is an excellent way to showcase the knowledge you have, while learning from others along the way. And if you avoid asking questions like, “how can I get my hair to grow faster,” or “why is my dog constipated” you add yet another professional social media outlet to your online presence.


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