I made an Infographic and you can too

Finished pictochartSo my latest assignment for my J452 PR class was to create an infographic. At first my heart sank thinking of all of the hours I was about to spend on InDesign, (I love InDesign but anyone who uses it knows how time consuming it can be), until my instructor showed us pictochart.com. Oddly enough before this class I had never heard of Pictochart and had no idea that it was one long infographic cheat sheet. The site does have its limitations though. You don’t have nearly the amount of creative freedom as InDesign, or nearly enough functions in my opinion. However I liked one of the site’s templates and wanted to try my hand at creating a professional looking infographic with a website that is dedicated to helping create them.

Along with posting my first attempt at creating my own inforgraphic, here are some tips for what to include in an infographic if you are ever in a position to make one.

1. Decide what your infographic’s purpose will be. What do you want to say? What do you want people to do after looking at your infographic?

2. Only use the most important facts in your infographic. Too much text takes away from the visual aspect of your infographic. Clog it with text and no one will see the overall picture.

3. Use recognizable images in an interesting visual context to give your infographic dimension. Explaining complex information with well known images will simplify your point and make your statistics far more memorable.

While I don’t consider myself a designer I do understand the concept of making complex ideas simple and memorable through images. That is the beauty of the infographic, and when done right it will make your point that much more impactful. To get more infographic tips, check out Yeomans, how to create effective infographic. I hope this helped get some creative juices flowing!



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